This is the Official homepage for Pugandcat, or as they were formerly known Bandito and Luigi. Since mega stardom we have tried not to let it affect them but Bandito and Luigi live the high life. There is room service, handmade outfits and photoshoots, and of course everything is on their terms!

The only thing that hasn’t changed is their friendship. They do everything together including becoming the first Pug and Cat to walk across Spain and complete the Camino de Santiago which is set to be turned into a classic illustrated children’s story. In total these boys have covered over 1500km (and still counting), taking a dog trolley and a tent, there is no stopping them.

There’s also us, Finn and Sebastian, we did all the pushing to save their little leggies, we love to see these two enjoying the nature, just like we do. These two are family!

You can check us all out here and visit Pugandcat Instagram and Facebook anytime to see what they have been up to.


His nose is flat and his ears hang down,
not an ounce of fat, and never a frown.
If you believe that, you don’t know this clown,
he likes to be sat, with his feet on the ground.
BFF’s with a Cat, such a loveable hound,
Unless eating or sleeping, he makes one hell of a sound.


When his journey began in a camper van,
He travelled around and became a man.
Then he found his Pug and Cat crew,
That’s when he got a new point of view.
‘Life is for living, we’re not here to pay,
try to be giving and enjoy everyday’.


He’s always up at the break of dawn,
his best friend’s a Pug the colour fawn.
He sleeps all day in different places,
we still can’t get over, how cute that face is.
He looks like a tiger, but don’t be afraid,
It’s just his stripes, the way hes been made.


He is from Norway but there’s no way to know,
there’s never a day he misses the snow!
Its more to his liking to be in the sun,
not your typical Viking but he finds hiking good fun,
For Finn’s Birthday in September, Luigi became the new family member,
Team Pugandcat was born on that day, they went in a tent along St James’s way,

Jan 2016 Sierra de las Nieves 100km

We have visited this stunning Park many times. As the name, ‘Mountains of the Snow’ suggests it is where we took the boys and built their first snow man. We have been in various weather conditions but it is always breath taking. You can always see where we have been most recently, or just what the boys are up to on Pugandcat Instagram or Facebook.

2016 Sierra Blanca 100km

Now our most local Park and we have only explored a few of the many trails. We have walked the same route many times to acclimatise the boys and they seem to like it. It is too hot in the summer and the constant risk of forest fires so we leave it for the brief winter when we want to go here. Check out some of their walks on Pugandcat Instagram and Facebook

Dec 2015 – Sierra Nevada 200km

The snow was just arriving in Sierra Nevada in December 2015 when we visited. We walked large areas of the lower regions, less than 2000m altitude although we drove up to the snow to have a look. We took many trails of between 10 – 25km while we were here. Videos of the boys running together and generally enjoying the amazing backdrop are on Instagram and Facebook.

Sep – Nov 2015 Camino de Santiago 700km

Our longest trip to date. Over 700km in 46 days, camping and walking around 20km a day. The First and only Pug and Cat to walk the Camino to Santiago. There is talk of publishing Finn and Sebastians diary from the walk and an illustrated Children’s book. You can find out here

August 2015 Natural Park de Garraf 100km

This was the practice area. In the short time before the Camino to Santiago we practiced some longer walks here with the trolley.

Sep 2015 – Park of Montserrat 50km

Another well known practice area for us.